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something something more animation

2018-02-22 13:51:24 by FEDEV



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2018-02-22 14:52:31

the biggest issue here is with the Chest.... When you animate men.. especially Built Men they Tend to Sway there chest alot.... Kinda like how women Sway there Hips alot while walking or dancing. its just a part of our sexual dimorphism.

The reason this animation Lacks Power is because he isn't turning his chest with every punch.
as one arm extends to its limit the chest should turn with it.
you shouldn't be able to see both shoulders at all times.

his head should also move more.

but all and all its pretty passable.
Keep at it!

(Updated ) FEDEV responds:

Ey thanks fam. Yeah I agree with everything you said tbh. I try to not be too hard on myself cause I'm still fairly new to animating but on the other hand I half assed it because I didn't look for references while doing it (other than trying to replicate the movement myself, which is not enough).

I'll leave it like that for now and keep in mind what you said when I work on a different character (or maybe I'll come back and fix it idk).

I'll try to stop being a lazy ass and look for more references n stuff.

Cheers! :)


2018-02-22 17:34:17

push it to da limit

FEDEV responds:

walk along the razor's edge


2018-02-22 18:10:31

Para qué los vas a usar?
Está copado por cierto

FEDEV responds:


Pensaba hacer un personaje de mugen y estoy tratando de hacer algo basico por ahora :v


2018-02-23 05:51:46

please stop torturing yourself

FEDEV responds:

Torture is knowledge.


2018-02-24 23:15:41

this fucking good

FEDEV responds:

Thanks :3